Smart Business Software

Thriving businesses depend on smart business software. Old and underperforming software applications are paralyzing businesses. A considerable part of the budget is consumed just in maintaining the current (legacy) applications.

Thanks to our Dimensional Planning technique and the use of the Allors platform businesses can break out of this situation and start integrating and developing new applications.

We replaced the aging call center application at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. Fontys was so pleased with the quality and speed of delivery that other projects followed, including a system to monitor the performance of the students.

Bas van Eerd

At DSM we introduced a web based umbrella system above all SAP systems to get full transparency on spent in their worldwide supply base. Thanks to dimensional planning and the Allors platform we achieved these goals in a very short time frame. We ran a program to change DSM sourcing from local buying community to global service buying center. From Business group towards Hub structure. 

Wald Westerlinck